Our Practitioners

At Shore Cardiology, we strive to provide our patients with the finest cardiac care through our medical expertise, compassion, and commitment to excellence. Our physicians are Board Certified in Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology .

Our Cardiologists

Our Cardiologists specialize in all aspects of Cardiology and have received the highest level of training. Our subspecialties include Preventative and Non-invasive Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, and Interventional Cardiology. We offer specialty clinics for anticoagulation and lipids, congestive heart failure, pacemakers and defibrillators, and vascular conditions. We are committed to continuing education and research, allowing us access to the most current technology and best clinical outcomes. We have used the latest technology available to take care of our patients and this includes a truly paperless office with an advanced electronic medical records system.

Dr. Ali R. Moosvi, M.D., FACC, FACP

Dr. Todd S. Cohen, D.O., FACC

Dr. Michael G. DeVita, D.O., FACC

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