Healthy Hearts

At Shore Cardiology, we strive to provide our patients with all the tools and encouragement to help them achieve better heart health.

Welcome to the new Healthy Hearts program. The intention behind this program is to provide motivation and support as a group to encourage all of us to get up and move more.

First of all, the program is free and is offered to our patients, their family and friends and our community in general. We have partnered with iHealth for this program because they offer an activity tracker that allows Shore Cardiology to be your "follower" so that we can track your activity as well. We have the iHealth activity tracker available in our office for $50.00. The reason we have them in the office is so that I can sit with you to set up your profile and tracker and make sure that we are able to see your activity. You will wear the tracker either as a belt clip or as a wrist band each day and it will record your steps taken. You will need to sync the tracker with the app for your daily activity to upload to the cloud that we are able to access. We ask that you sync every Sunday evening or Monday morning. We will access the activity each Monday around 10:00am. From this, we will be able to post a Leader Board and highlight the top 10 participants for that week.

Additionally, each month, we will coordinate a group walk with Dr. Cohen somewhere in our general area. This is an opportunity to "Walk with the Doctor" and chat about things like lowering your cholesterol, heart healthy exercises...even the weather!

If you are interested in joining, please call the office and schedule a 15 minute appointment with me so that we can set up your device and download the app.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION: This device MUST have the app installed on your mobile device in order to work properly. You will need to have a smart phone, tablet or iPod that allows you to download apple or android apps. Please bring your mobile device with you so we can set them up together.

Healthy Hearts Upcoming Events:

Walk with the Doctor
Meet in the back parking lot of Trinity Bible Church
3801 Allenwood - Lakewood Rd - Allenwood, NJ 08720

Join Dr. Cohen and the participants of the Healthy Hearts program for our monthly "Walk with the Doctor".

This is an opportunity to get moving, meet and talk with experts in the field of cardiology, fitness and nutrition and even make new friends. This event is free and open to the community. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.

Healthy Hearts Leaders

     For the week 6/1 - 6/7

  1. Mary - 34,562
  2. Howard - 33,989
  3. Barbara - 31,457
  4. Pete - 29,984
  5. Carol - 29,218

Shore Cardiology is dedicated to caring for you and your heart through prevention, detection, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

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