Cardiac Catheterization

At Shore Cardiology, our staff will help you with everything you may need to prepare for the day of your catheterization.

Download Cardiac Catheterization Instructions

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Cardiac Catheterization Pre-Op Instructions
Cardiac Catheterization Post-Op Instructions

Cardiac Catheterization

Our staff will arrange the scheduling of your heart catheterization at Ocean Medical Center (OMC) or Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC). They will contact OMC or JSUMC's cardiovascular lab and arrange to have a pre-admission representative telephone you. He or she will ask you to answer some pre-procedural assessment questions, review your medical history, go over your medication history and answer any questions you may have about what to expect the day of your catheterization. The representative will tell you what day and time to come to the lab. If you have to complete additional lab tests or X-rays before the procedure, our office will explain those tests to you.

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